Location Adlershof Germany
Client OfficeLab Campus Adlershof GmbH & Co. KG
Architects GBP Architekten GmbH
Engineers plan B-Beratende Ingenieure GmbH
BIM MEP engineers Enginia BIM Engineering
Area aprox. 29.800 m²
Building typology Office
Construction costs
Installation costs
Project phases Design planning and execution planning
BIM design period 2020

Technical design by Plan B – Beratende Ingenieure

Supported modelling by Enginia BIM Enginering

The Campus OfficeLab will be a cutting-edge office complex that offers modern, flexible, and versatile spaces specifically designed for high-tech companies. Its structure will allow for the adaptation of commercial areas into sections of various sizes, providing great flexibility of use. The buildings, with their “L”-shaped layout, will create an open structure with multiple access points to the complex.

OLC represents an integrated mix of uses that offers a perfectly scalable space for innovative companies, thanks to its unique architectural concept that facilitates the creation of individual contemporary office concepts, R&D, Industry 4.0, prototyping, and exhibition rooms around the central courtyard.

To ensure efficiency and precision in the project execution, a BIM (Building Information Modeling) modeling and coordination have been carried out. This technological approach allows for detailed integration of various aspects of design, construction, and project management. Thanks to BIM modeling, better visualization and planning of spaces have been achieved, along with more effective coordination among different teams involved in the construction. This has helped to reduce errors, minimize rework, and optimize the overall project performance.