“To be leaders in the implementation of the BIM methodology, transforming the construction industry with innovative technology and comprehensive solutions, to build a more efficient and sustainable world.”


“Provide BIM consulting services of the highest quality, accompanying our clients in their process of adopting the methodology, providing specialized training, project development and technical advice, to promote excellence and success in their BIM projects.”

Our values


Our BIM company is distinguished by its approach to constant innovation in the implementation of BIM solutions, to offer our clients added value and anticipate the changing needs of the BIM sector.


We are guided by the highest standards of professionalism, where each member of the team is committed to providing impeccable service, demonstrating punctuality, ethics, and clear and effective communication in all interactions with our clients, ensuring trust and success in each project.


We have a highly competent team in the BIM methodology, with extensive knowledge and mastery of the most advanced tools and technologies, providing precise and efficient solutions that meet the most demanding technical requirements.


Our BIM company is committed to quality at each stage of the project, from design to construction, ensuring superior results, compliance with standards, and total customer satisfaction.


We are committed to the success of our clients, assuming their vision and goals as our own, working closely together to overcome challenges, meet deadlines and deliver excellent BIM projects, establishing lasting relationships based on trust and mutual commitment.

Our most loyal customers

In collaboration with Planteam Schwarz with headquarters in Berlin we carry out numerous projects together with their team of engineers.

Enginia BIM Engineering

BIM department in Barcelona

Planteam Schwarz

Engineering department in Berlin, Hamburg and Athens