Location Berlin Germany
Architects Kleihues + Kleihues Berlin
Engineers plan B-Beratende Ingenieure GmbH
BIM MEP engineers Enginia BIM Engineering
Building typology Office
Construction costs 
Installation costs
Project phases Design planning and execution planning
BIM design period 2020-2021

Technical design by Plan B – Beratende Ingenieure

Supported modelling by Enginia BIM Enginering

On the property of GSG (Gewerbesiedlungs-Gesellschaft) at Geneststraße 5 in 10829 Berlin, a new office building with an underground garage is planned to be constructed. The plan involves the construction of a new building with different sections on the site between the existing building at Geneststraße 5 in Berlin-Schöneberg and the former railway tracks of the German Federal Railways. A 22-story high-rise will be built at the northern boundary of the property, and an 11-story high-rise at the southern end of the property. The two towers will be connected by lower buildings with 4-7 above-ground floors. The single-story technical building will house the entrance and exit ramp of the underground garage. The above-ground sections will be primarily used for office and administrative purposes, either with an open floor plan or (partially) cellular offices. In addition, the ground floor and first floor may also accommodate quiet commercial uses. Furthermore, a bistro/cafeteria will be provided on the ground floor.