We provide support to our clients in the development of customized BIM strategies for their projects, thanks to the experience and skills of our team of BIM experts. We offer services ranging from defining the strategic roadmap to creating the BIM execution plan, encompassing the stages of execution, coordination, and modeling, while always considering the objectives.

Our team has extensive experience in multidisciplinary BIM projects, always implementing comprehensive project management to ensure maximum quality and profitability in each development phase.

BIM Implementation
We provide comprehensive BIM implementation services, assisting companies in successfully adopting a digital approach in their construction projects.
  • Assessment and design of strategies for implementing BIM in projects.
  • Development of standards and protocols for adopting the BIM workflow.
  • Configuration of BIM software and tools to optimize design and construction processes.
  • Evaluation of the organization’s BIM maturity level and planning for its gradual development.
  • Implementation of collaborative workflows that enhance communication and coordination among teams.
  • Training and support during the transition to using BIM in the company.
BIM Consultancy
We offer expert BIM consultancy, guiding our clients in planning, strategy, and best practices to make the most of the benefits of the BIM methodology.
  • Specialized guidance on the use of BIM technology and its integration into projects.
  • Analysis of the feasibility and benefits of implementing BIM in a project or company.
  • Recommendations to improve efficiency and quality of work based on BIM best practices.
  • Development of management strategies to facilitate BIM adoption by professionals.
  • Advice on selecting the most suitable BIM tools and software for the project or organization.
BIM Check
We conduct thorough reviews and analysis of existing BIM models to ensure integrity, quality, and compliance with required standards.
  • Verification and quality control of BIM models and data to ensure accuracy and consistency.
  • Review of BIM standards and protocols applied in the project to meet specific requirements.
  • Identification and resolution of conflicts and discrepancies in BIM models.
  • Use of advanced collision detection and visualization tools for precise issue identification.
  • Generation of detailed reports with review results and improvement recommendations.
  • Verification of consistency and quality of BIM data according to ISO 19650 standards and best practices.
BIM Modeling
We have a specialized team for creating accurate and detailed BIM models that enable efficient visualization and analysis of construction projects.
  • Creation of 3D models for architecture, facilities, and infrastructure based on the Building Information Modeling methodology.
  • Development of geometry, information, and attributes for construction elements.
  • Generation of collaborative models that facilitate coordination and effective communication among project stakeholders.
  • Development of customized BIM component libraries to streamline modeling and ensure consistency.
  • Automated documentation generation from BIM models, including plans, material lists, and technical specifications.
BIM Coordination


We facilitate the coordination and collaboration among various project stakeholders, optimizing conflict detection and improving construction efficiency.
  • Integration and coordination of BIM models from different project participants.
  • Detection and resolution of interferences and clashes among different systems and disciplines.
  • Collaboration in design and planning through the review and exchange of information among involved professionals.
  • Implementation of issue management tools and resolution tracking to maintain a record of actions taken.
  • Utilization of virtual and augmented reality technologies for immersive visualization of BIM models and conflict detection.
  • Coordination of meetings and work sessions to encourage collaboration among different project stakeholders.
BIM Management
We provide comprehensive BIM project management services, overseeing and ensuring the achievement of objectives, timelines, and quality standards.
  • Comprehensive management of the BIM process in construction projects.
  • Coordination of work teams and supervision of BIM implementation.
  • Quality control, monitoring, and updating of BIM models and data throughout the project’s lifecycle.
  • Development of data exchange strategies based on open standards to enhance interoperability between systems.
  • Implementation of cloud-based collaboration platforms to facilitate centralized access and management of BIM models and information.
  • Supervision and quality assurance of BIM models and data throughout all project stages.
Project Management in BIM Projects
Our team of BIM-specialized Project Managers ensures efficient and successful project management, maximizing the use of the BIM methodology in all phases.
  • Management of construction projects using BIM methodology.
  • Tracking progress and meeting deadlines using project management tools and real-time collaboration.
  • Coordination of meetings and efficient communication between various teams, both internal and external to the company.
Digital Twins with Scan to BIM
By utilizing advanced 3D laser scanning technologies, we create accurate digital twins of existing assets, enabling improved visualization, analysis, and management of the physical reality within the digital environment.
  • Creation of BIM models from point clouds with scanned data from existing buildings and structures.
  • Generation of precise and detailed digital representations.
  • Development of updated and accurate BIM models as changes are made to physical assets.
BIM Formation
We provide specialized BIM training programs, empowering professionals and companies to effectively utilize the methodology, tools, and best practices in construction projects.
  • Specialized training and education in the use of BIM and associated tools.
  • Customized courses and workshops tailored to the needs of professionals and organizations.
  • Development of skills and competencies for efficient and successful BIM implementation.
  • Design of personalized training programs adapted to the roles and levels of experience of professionals.
  • Use of case studies and practical examples to demonstrate the application and benefits of BIM in real projects.
  • Assessment and progress tracking of participants through recognized BIM assessments and certifications.