Location Hamburg Germany
Engineers Planteam Schwarz Planungsgesellschaft für Gebäude- und Umwelttechnik mbH
BIM MEP engineers Enginia BIM Engineering
Area 42.200 m²
Building typology Hotel, office, residencial building
Construction costs  39 miliones
Installation costs
Project phases Design planning
BIM design period 2022-2023

The BIM services carried out in this project include 3D modeling of the building and its components, clash detection and coordination between systems, information management, and documentation. These services enable optimization of the design, cost reduction, centralized information management, and extended building lifespan.

We work on implementing specific BIM standards for the project, ensuring data consistency and quality throughout the process. We coordinate the adoption of BIM protocols and workflows to ensure effective collaboration among the different teams involved. We conduct thorough reviews and quality checks of the BIM model to ensure data integrity and consistency across the various project elements.