Location Heidestraße, Berlin Germany
Engineers plan B-Beratende Ingenieure GmbH
BIM MEP engineers Enginia BIM Engineering
Building typology Hotel, office, and shops
Construction costs
Installation costs
Project phases Execution planning
BIM design period 2021-2022

Technical design by Plan B – Beratende Ingenieure

Supported modelling by Enginia BIM Enginering

On the plot of 5,987 m², a complex of buildings will be constructed with six, seven, and twelve full floors, housing a total of 215 apartments. In addition to the apartments, there will be commercial spaces, a hotel, and a daycare center with approximately 1,000 m² and around 83 spots. The hotel will be a six-story building, with a reception, kitchen, and restaurant on the ground floor, and rooms on the upper floors. The apartments will be located in sections of the building called “Klammer,” “Turm,” and “Riegel.” The tower will be a high-rise building. In the basement, there will be tenant storage rooms, technical areas, waste disposal facilities, and parking spaces in an underground garage. Access to the residential building will be through five stairwell cores with elevators. The hotel will have two stairwell cores for access. The high-rise will feature a fire elevator and a safety staircase equipped with a pressure ventilation system.